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09/06/18 08:54 AM #856    


Loretta Packard (Luskin)

I too received my memory book and agree with Doug. Thank you to each of you who worked so hard to organize the photos and put itall  together. It captures what a happy time the reunion was!

09/06/18 09:44 AM #857    


Frances Pampeyan

I agree.  It's a great memory of such a wonderful reunion.  Thanks so much for putting this together.

09/06/18 12:03 PM #858    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

You are all so welcome! I loved helping to put the book together. It is a wonderful representation of a great group of people. Thank you all so much for the welcome I received from you all. I had so much fun, and your pics turned out super. If any of you have not yet received your book, give it two more weeks - snail mail!!smiley

09/07/18 09:46 AM #859    


Charles Cockerill

Thanks to all who made this 50th Reunion possible from Charlie Cockerill and Kathy (Gleim) Cockerill. One word decribes the Reunion and Memory Book - Spectacular!

09/07/18 09:56 AM #860    


Rita Vitale (Weir)

Hello Everyone, I received my memory book yesterday and I really enjoyed looking at all the wonderful pictures.  Thanks to all that were envolved in organizing the reunion and putting together the memory book.  It took a lot of hard work and many, many hours and I for one greatly appreciated it. Look forward to the next reunion! 

09/08/18 09:23 PM #861    

Pauline Potts (Yonts)

Gary, please forgive my long delay in responding.  I was thrilled to get your prompt response with Mrs. Barbara Sheinkopf’s address.  I just hope I’ll get a chance to write her before too long now! 

I was so sorry to hear about your mother’s passing, and so soon after the reunion.  Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet her.  How wonderful that you were able to care for her.  Neither of my parents even made it to 80. 

A major reason I’m so late in responding to you or anyone right now is that we’ve had an ongoing family tragedy this summer.  My husband’s niece, like you, wanted to care for her elderly parents (my husband’s sister and brother-in-law) who were both needing a caregiver at this point in their lives.  She (the niece) and her husband successfully moved her mom from Eastern Washington to Central Texas (several hours north of us), and then left her mom at home with older children and a friend of the family while they went back to get her dad and more of their belongings.  But on July 4th there was a terrible accident en route in Idaho, killing her dad and leaving my husband’s niece and her husband in critical condition.  They are still not recovered enough to travel without medical transport, and, of course, the insurance won’t cover that.  We didn’t even learn about the accident for a week; niece Laura had been the family communicator.  (I’m not even on Facebook myself; hadn’t realized how important that can be in this day and age!)  Anyway, we took off work and drove up to see Michel’s now widowed sister in Texas and check out her living arrangement, etc.  But by early August it was all too much for her, and she was hospitalized herself.  Again, we weren’t informed until much later; we had been frantically trying to get responses from anyone.  Once we found out, we drove up to visit my husband’s sister in the hospital, etc.  She passed away August 29th.  Her daughter (my husband’s niece) is still on a trach tube up in Idaho with the family still trying to raise funds (on GoFundMe) for medical transport to get to the VA hospital in Texas where they would be closer to family and friends.  This is so terrible for everyone, the way one accident can destroy or disrupt so many lives!  It reminds us to cherish every moment we have with our loved ones, and we’ve seen how important it is to have a living will, medical directives, etc.  Any praying friends out there, please keep our family in prayer!  Thanks for reading all this.

09/09/18 08:48 AM #862    


Clay Werts

Many of you have now received your P.H.S. 50th reunion memory book. It is very well done and will be enjoyed for many years to come. Thanks again to Anne who spearheaded the memory book organizing. We ordered additional books for anyone that had not ordered a book. The extras are now gone. If you did not ordered a memory book and would like one you will need to contact : Reunion Photographers (Dane) at 6211 Raindrop Place, Rancho Cucamonga CA. 91739. 714-265-3638. Email is We do not have any more memory books so you will have to contact them directly. 

09/09/18 12:59 PM #863    


Richard Pennington

Yes, I did finally received my 50th Reunion memory book and it was very well professionally organized and presented.  It will be a great keepsake on my behalf for years to come.

09/10/18 09:20 AM #864    


Judy Cox (Gottfeld)

Pauline, I’m so sorry to hear about your family tragedy. That is so much to process and deal with all at one time. Thinking of you with love. Can you post the link to the go-fund-me page? Praying for everyone involved.



09/10/18 01:39 PM #865    


Kenneth (Ken) Marschall

I look forward to getting my Memory Book.  Sounds like it's quite a collectible!  Since many have posted that they've received theirs, and Clay says they're all gone now, and I'm not too far flung (SoCal)... should I be worried?

09/10/18 02:09 PM #866    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

I certainly hope everyone receives their memory book soon. I feel so bad that many of you are worried about not getting your book yet. Please feel free to call Dane Christian 714 265 3637 or email him at danec@ He will be happy to help you. Thank you for your wonderful comments about the book. Instead of sending you all a CD of the pictures taken Friday and Saturday nights, Clay and Modie invested extra money making sure we had all the pictures in the book. Big hurah to them!yes

09/10/18 07:51 PM #867    

Pauline Potts (Yonts)

Yes, I have now received my memory book here in rural Texas, too, and have just had a chance to look through it!  Thank you to all the members of the committee who worked so hard on this!  I was especially thrilled to see the professional photographer's "spur-of-the-moment group photos" in it (although I wish the casual group photos from Saturday night I submitted had been included as well).  L'Shanah Tovah to all those in the "Jewish Fellowship Group" photo (and those who missed out on being in it, as well).  Happy New Year 5779!   

09/10/18 08:08 PM #868    

Pauline Potts (Yonts)

Thank you, Judy, for your kind concern. Anyone interested in the GoFundMe page my husband's family set up can find out about it in my response to Diane Schmidt on my profile page.  I don't think I should list it here.

09/11/18 12:23 PM #869    


Kenneth (Ken) Marschall

Thank you, Anne.  I'm quite patient to get the Memory Book and don't want to pester anyone about it.  If it's coming one day soon, I'm not concerned.  I guess I'd just like to know:  After what date, if it still hasn't arrived, should I be contacting Dane?  I'm here in SoCal, not international.  Thanks!

09/12/18 12:11 AM #870    


Gary Hesse

Don Benito 6th Grade Photo(s)  - Would whomever brought the elementary school photos to the reunion from their 4th to 6th grade classes please please please scan and add them to your classmate photos page and put a message in the message forum as to where they can be found.  I did kindergarten at Eugene Field and was sick the day the photo was taken that had Lisa Griswold, Susan David and others in it.  Then it was on to parochial school for 3 years of horrible teachers before my folks realized it was a big mistake, and then on to Don Benito.  For 6th grade I was in Mrs. Comerford's class and do not have that picture.  If anyone has it I'd love to be able to print it out,  Thanks in advance.  -  Gary Hesse



09/12/18 05:17 PM #871    


Gary Warschaw

Hi Anne. I recieved the memory book by mistake.  I didn’t pay for it so it’s not mine. Let me know where you want me to send it and I will do so immediately. I did peek at the book. My congratulatins to the committee that put it together. It’s wonderfully assembled. And just a side note, I had a great time at the reunion. Thank you for all those responsible.

09/14/18 01:58 PM #872    


Modie (Martin) Katz


Send in your $24 and keep the book. You already used it. Wasn’t that fun?

09/15/18 05:16 AM #873    


Gary Warschaw


Hey Modie,

Guilty as charged. And yes, it was fun! However, I’m minimizing my life. I’m getting rid of stuff, not adding stuff. That’s why I didn’t purchase the book at the reunion. So again, let me know who didn’t get one and I will be happy to make sure they receive this wonderful memento from our 3 day party (and what a good party it was!).  Or , I will be glad to send it to you or Clayton.

Hope to see you in my travels.🏌️‍♂️ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

09/15/18 07:44 AM #874    


Clay Werts

Gary, will you please send the memory book to Sylvia Esquerre, 1572 Lindsey Peak , Beaumont CA. 92223. She paid for a book and has not received one. Maybe you got hers by mistake ? Thanks for doing that for her. Ken Marschall if you will send me your address and phone number I will make sure you receive your memory book. Please contact me directly at : 

09/22/18 03:42 PM #875    


Kenneth (Ken) Marschall

I want to add my thanks and appreciation to those who produced the Memory Book.  Thanks too, Anne, for sending it.  I didn't expect full color throughout!  (If it was mentioned in the forum, I missed it or forgot.)  I have only the 25th (attended that one) and 30th books, so am delightfully surprised by all the color.  Although I didn't attend this one, I now have a wonderful souvenir of the event, almost like being there.  Great work by all concerned, and thanks again!

09/23/18 10:35 PM #876    


Carolyn Gray

My thanks to the Reunion Committee for an extremely memorable and well organized 50th reunion weekend.   It was so enjoyable to reconnect with classmates that I had not seen in either 25 or 50 years.   A special "thank you" to Phil Denslow for gathering our high school picutres that each of us wore on lanyards.   Honestly, those pictures really came in handy!  Many classmates had not changed much at all while others I would not have known.  Fifty years can really make a difference and have gone by in the "blink of an eye".   I'm so glad I was able to attend and now have the "memory book" to view.  I truly appreciate the Committee's time and their effort to see this event through to the end.

10/06/18 02:43 PM #877    

Pauline Potts (Yonts)

Dear Judy Cox (Gottfeld), Diane Schmidt (Baldwin), Gary Hesse, and any other concerned classmates:

I now have an update on the family tragedy and GoFundMe page mentioned here or on my profile: We just got confirmation that my husband's niece Laura has now been medically transported to a hospital in Texas where she might receive another surgery in future!  And her husband was privately transported back to Texas ahead of her.  Hopefully their children who set up the GoFundMe page will post the news and end it now (I don't know how that works).  And hopefully sometime in the future they'll be able to have a family service for her deceased dad and mom.  Thank you to all for your kind concern and prayers.  

10/08/18 01:07 PM #878    


Diane Schmidt (Baldwin)

Hi Pauline - that is such good news!  Thanks for keeping us posted. 

12/04/18 07:18 AM #879    


Gary Hesse

To all of my classmates I would like to wish a safe, meaningful and joyous holiday season.  2018 has been an interesting and challenging year - one which was sort of like 1968 with lots going on, something we all looked forward to, and then new realities and experiences.  This past year, after caring for my mother Dorothy, she passed away three weeks after joining us at the reunion!  She lived to age 99 years and 2 months and is now harvesting her lifelong beliefs in the fulfillment of the Christmas promise.  She left my family with so many good memories, values, and love.  While I'll probably be alone for Christmas, her presence will be there!  My eldest nephew and his family lost their home in Paradise CA in the recent 'campfire' fire - fleeing about 3 minutes before the fire started consumed their home.  Most of his in-laws also lost everything , and will be starting over.  I think that of the gifts that Christmas brings, the ones under the tree on Christmas morning are the most insignificant!  Gary 


12/05/18 10:26 AM #880    


Patricia Frances Anthony Goff

Dear Gary,  Deepest condolnces to your people  for their loss in Paradise!  I'm having problems lately that are mere annoyances compared to losses of fire victims.  I've been praying (not the first instinct of a Unitarian-Universalist) for weeks for fire victims.  I understand that when peope say "Merry Christmas" to you now, you might be humming "Bleak Midwinter" in the back of your mind . . . I think you're too far away to do it safely but, if you want to hang out with UUs, free-thinkers who DO warm-fuzzy, St.-Nick-won't-fail-us, Prince-of-PEACE stuff (at the end we light candles and sing "Silent Night"), Throop Memorial UU Church up here in Pasadena (yes, parking is a nightmare) will be having a service at 6PM, Monday, Christmas Eve.  Of course, the famous All Saints will have a later service; might be more mainstream.  This invitation is my hope that you have some joy!  In my 68 years, I've found that the year FOLLOWING Bleak Midwinter is always Totally Joyous!  Keep that Faith.  ~  Frances (aka Patti) Goff.

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