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11/08/17 07:19 AM #556    


Yvonne Lewis (Troncoso)

So glad you're making it to the reunion. Looking forward to seeing you. Your sons are handsome..

11/09/17 11:10 AM #557    


Modie (Martin) Katz


Glad to hear that you have committed to attending the 50th.

Great picture of you and your might consider a New PHS Tee Shirt?

11/09/17 11:23 AM #558    


Clay Werts

I am happy to thank my friend, Pat McGuire, for his $100.00 donation to the 50th reunion.  We go all the way back to Wilson Jr. High. We also have been given a $100.00 donation from a class member that has ask to remain anonymous. Thanks again to all that have donated and are helping make this event a wonderful 3 day reunion. PLEASE consider making a contribution. That can also be done with your time. You can mail a check to: P.H.S. class of 1968. 2212  Paseo Court, Las  Vegas  NV. 89117-2758. 

11/20/17 12:31 PM #559    


Modie (Martin) Katz

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we have been getting commission checks from the Tee Shirt sales that will go towards the Reunion.  So far $62.72 has been recieved.  Go there and order your Tee Shirt and help us raise more money.

More announcement to come.

Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.

11/27/17 10:33 AM #560    


Clay Werts

P.H.S. 50th reunion is now 7 months away. Registration for this fabulous 3 day event begins December 1st 2017.  The price of a ticket is $130.00 per person. If you register on or before April 30th 2018 the price will be reduced $10.00, bringing the per person cost to $120.00. Anyone registering after May 1st 2018 should expect to pay the regular price. Anyone registering on or after June 10th 2018 will be charged $140.00 per person. If you would like a memory book then please add $20.00. The price of a ticket is the same whether you attend 1 day or all 3 days. Everyone should understand that the cost of your ticket will not begin to cover the cost of these events. If it were not for the generous donations received from our classmates then the price of a ticket would be double.

Let me briefly explain, you will receive 3 meals that will also include snacks, drinks, fruit and vegetable platters, desserts and more. Our cost for your Friday evening food and drink is approximately $20.00 per person, for the Saturday night buffet is $75.00 P.P. and the Sunday brunch buffet is $32.00 P.P. These prices include the cost of using the facilities, tips, taxes and miscellaneous. We will be required to pay this amount even if you skip an event. The venues /companies require a minimum number of people in order to be willing to do business with us. The donations will be covering the cost of insurance, security, set-up, clean-up, time capsule removal, live music, lanyards, and on and on. We encourage all of you to make your Hilton hotel room registration now. You can reserve a room for $145.00 per night. This is a PHS special price from their normal price of $210.00. You will need to mention PHS and give them a credit card to hold a room, but will not have to pay until you arrive. You can reserve a room by clicking on "room reservations" at the top left of this page or call them direct. Modie and I have spent a great deal of time and effort to make this reunion a "once in a lifetime event". We think you will enjoy this 3 day event and hope everyone will make the effort to come to Pasadena in June. To cover all cost we ask that you consider making a donation. Please send a check to P.H.S. class of 1968.     2212 Paseo Ct.  Las  Vegas NV 89117-2758.          Send your check for registration to the same address. (P.H.S. class of 1968) PLEASE send the "registration form" with your check. Answering the questions on the form will provide all of the information needed. Include the extra $20.00 for the memory book if wanted.  Please print the name, on the form, that you would like on your name badge for each person registering. 









12/09/17 03:58 PM #561    


Laurie De Vault


I will be back in California for the 50th reunion and am hoping to have a gathering at my home in Sierra Madre on Sunday June 24th for my friends and want to include classmates who went to Sierra Mesa with me. If that's you (or you have contact information for other SM grads)  please contact me at  Thanks!


12/12/17 10:33 AM #562    


Clay Werts

We have another THANK YOU to give to Marleen (Ward) Quandt and James Quandt for their donation of          $300.00. This will help greatly in our efforts to provide a first class 50th reunion. If you have not yet made a donation to this wonderful event please consider doing so soon. 

Registration for the 50th reunion has begin. For those that are ready to register for the 50th reunion, please fine the registration form on this site and make a copy of it. Please fill it out, answering all of the questions, and send it along with your check. You may want to keep a copy for yourself. The registering FORM is important so please send it along with your check. Send to 2212  Paseo  Court,    Las  Vegas NV. 89117-2758                                                                             THANK YOU     and Merry Christmas to all.

12/19/17 10:36 AM #563    


Clay Werts

Are thanks goes to Wyatt & Marie Dietrich for their $250.00 donation to the 50th reunion. These donations will provide much needed funds to pay for so many things that are required to put on an event like this. You have our word that the funds will be used wisely and for the good of all. If you have not yet made a donation, please consider doing so soon. You can send a check to :P.H.S class of 1968:  2212   Paseo  Ct.   Las  Vegas  NV. 89117-2758.

We are now accepting your check to register for the reunion. It is scheduled for Friday June 22nd, Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th 2018. You can register until April 30th 2018 for $120.00 per person. After that date the cost returns to the regular price of $130.00 per person.  Be sure to add $20.00 for the memory book if wanted. PLEASE find on this web site the registration form and print it. Answer all of the questions and send the form along with your check to: P.H.S. class of 1968 . 2212  Paseo  Ct.  Las Vegas NV. 89117-2758. The registation form is needed so we know the check is for registering and not a donation. Thanks to all of you !

01/01/18 03:46 PM #564    


Modie (Martin) Katz


I can’t believe that it was 50 years ago that we graduated from PHS.  Wow!!!

I still think of myself as a young student of life and only recently have I started to show my age.  Well it is all in how we age that is important...

I would like to again promote the idea of coming on this Message Forum and telling us about your life and what you have been up to for the last 50 years. (In a paragraph or two) Send a picture like so many of you have.  It will be easier to remember you when we all get together for our fabulous 50th Reunion.

Please use this site for signing up for the Reunion and letting us know if you want a Memories Book.  It is an easy form to fill out and send with your check.  Also the Pasadena Hilton is giving us a Great Deal on rooms so please sign up, again using this site, and make sure you tell them you are with the ‘68 Reunion.

For those that have Donated, THANK YOU!!  For those that will be Donating, Thank you. And for those that have not yet Donated, please do.  We are soooo close to our goal.

Till next time,



01/02/18 04:03 AM #565    

Michael Coates

Fifty years isn't nearly long enough.

01/02/18 09:45 PM #566    


Modie (Martin) Katz

Well let me say that I had a Great time at PHS.  After graduating, which was an iffy thing, I went to Pasadena City College, moved to San Jose and attended San Jose State and then moved to Hawaii for a year at University of Hawaii.  Came back to San Jose State and finally graduated.  Became a traveling salesman for an  Educational Materials Comp. (Lakeshore) and then stayed in the educational materials business as a sales rep (Katz Marketing Group).  Got into the educational computer market and started Softkat, Inc. Sold it 5 years later and began several other companies since.  My current company that I work part time with is SRS Innovations. We source manufacturing for our own products as well as other companies over in China and Taiwan as well as represent manufactures to the Hardware Market, ie. Ace,True Value, Depot and Lowes.  Just having fun and can't sit still.

Love to ride motorcycles, ski, hike, bike ride and play with our dogs.  Do a lot of traveling in a 5th wheel since the ground is too hard for this old body anymore.  When we had horses we would go in the back country for a week at a time with our horses and friends.  Not any more.

Live with my wife of 34 years in the Western Slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in a small town called El Dorado.

That is it for me...

How about you??

01/03/18 09:19 AM #567    


Barbara Brandstetter (Ower)

Barbara Ower 

Dec. 23, 2017

Ower 50th Wedding Anniversary.

01/03/18 09:25 AM #568    


Barbara Brandstetter (Ower)

What an amazing year! We not only celebrated Christmas and New Year, but also our 50th wedding anniversary on December 23rd, 2017. What made it all the more special was that both of our children, their spouses, and all four of our grandsons were in attendance.

01/03/18 11:33 AM #569    


Dianne Harris

Congratulations! You have a beautiful family. I wish you and your loved ones the very best. 

01/04/18 06:32 AM #570    


Camay White (Arad-Tullis)

Congratulations Barbara on your 50th Anniversary.  What a beautiful photo.  Thanks for sharing.. I wonder how many other classmates could be celebrating a double 50th - our reunion and a wedding.  All best, and looking forward toi seeing you at the 50th.

01/04/18 09:35 AM #571    


Barbara Brandstetter (Ower)

Thanks Dianne and Camay. Looking forward to seeing everyone at our 50th.

01/04/18 09:40 AM #572    


Judith Smith (Canaan)

Congratulations, Barbara! You and your family are beautiful!

01/05/18 04:08 AM #573    


Philip Denslow

An advertiser is displaying Fake Log In buttons! The real Sign In button for our site is the red one in the upper right corner of our home page. --Phil

01/07/18 08:23 AM #574    


Modie (Martin) Katz

Thanks Phil for the heads up and the contribution to the web sit for the class. 

No more ads thanks to Phil for his sponsoring the Class Web site for the next 2 years.


01/14/18 11:01 AM #575    


Modie (Martin) Katz

To All,

I just got a message from Camay White who suggested that we send out a press release that the Class of 68 is turning 68 years old and will be having our 50th class reunion at PHS.  

Does anyone out there have any contacts with any Newspapers especially the LA Times or local Pasadena paper that can run an article with that story?  Let me know and maybe we can find some of our missing classmates that way. 

Lets keep the conversations going.


01/18/18 11:16 AM #576    


Clay Werts

Thanks go to Charles & Kathrine Cockerill for their $150.00 donation. We also thank Russ Orrell and Debbie (Ballantyne) Orrell for their $40.00 donation. If you have not made a donation to the 50th reunion yet then please consider doing so soon. 

We are now just 5 months away from the reunion. Registration is well on the way and you can take advantage of the discount price of $120.00 until April 30. Please click on the "Reunion Registration Form" at the top left of this page and answer all of the questions. You can send that form and your check to: P.H.S. class of 1968,  2212  Paseo Court, Las Vegas NV 89117-2758. You can send a check for a donation to this same address. 

Everyone is invited to join us for dinner at Clearman's North Woods restaurant in San Gabriel on Thursday June 21st at 4:00 PM. This is NOT part of the reunion, it's just for fun. We are asking everyone that is on a committee to try to come. We will be putting finishing touches on everything for the reunion events. If you were on the Drill Team or a cheer leader, please come to this event for a practice. 

If you have not yet made a reservation at the Hilton Hotel for the reunion then you will want to do that A.S.A.P. If you have any questions or concerns you are welcome to contact Modie or myself. 





02/13/18 11:42 AM #577    


Modie (Martin) Katz

Hey Everyone,

Time is of the essence with our 50th reunion just around the corner.  Take advantage of the Early Bird Discounts for the 3 day event and a Limited Rooms at the Hilton for a Special Price.  We are still looking for a few volunteers to help with registration on Friday and Saturday.  

If you have any memorabilia to share with us, besides yourself, start to look for it and bring it with you.  We will have a special room for just that.  If you know anyone that is not on our web site and would like to come to the Greatest Reunion ever, let us know or better yet have them sign up on this web site.

So don't forget to let us know on the Registration Form that you print out and send with your check, what activities and dates you will participate in.  

Hope to see you All on June 22nd, 23rd and 24th in Pasadena.


02/14/18 05:54 AM #578    

Douglas Bray

Hi Modie,

I was just getting ready to send in my registration. What do you expect the Memory Book will consist of?

Doug Bray



02/15/18 11:46 AM #579    


Laurie De Vault

Hi Everyone! I'm hoping to see all my Sierra Mesa friends at the reunion... or at least at my mom's Sierra Madre house on Sunday afternoon, after the reunion.  I need names and contact information if any of you are in touch with other SM grads.  Thanks!    ~Laurie DeVault


02/18/18 02:34 PM #580    


Modie (Martin) Katz

Douglas and All that are thinking about the Reunion.

The Memory Book is going to be a culmination of pictures from our 50th events that should be something that we will all want to have and share with folks that could not be there or people that would be interested in seeing a glimpse of our past, present and possible future friends.  

It will be a blast to share with others that are there and keep as a memory of the Best Party you have gone to in the past 50 years.

Looking forward to see everyone in June, even if we never knew each other before.


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