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05/08/18 05:38 PM #631    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

What a sweet memory! I made my dress too, and I might make one for the reunion. Are you wearing your song girl dress on Friday night.

05/09/18 05:47 AM #632    


Loretta Packard (Luskin)

I too made my prom dress!  It was made of silk fabric purchased in Maximes basement, and a Vogue pattern! I loved Maximes. It was like a candy store to me. Have been sewing ever since. Although not as much now as I use to. Beautiful colored dress Camay!   How wonderful that you’re still creating with color and fabric! 

05/09/18 06:36 AM #633    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

We are so blessed to have grown up with the opportunity to have sewing class in school. I was disappointed when Oceanside took away these classes when I was a teacher. They sold all the sewing machines.

05/09/18 06:41 AM #634    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

Camay, I just remembered you were a cheer leader, not a song girl - so sorry to make the mistake. Will you wear your outfit on Fri night ?

05/09/18 06:44 AM #635    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

Hey, y'all, Even if we cannot fit into our outfits, we should bring them to display in the memory room. Loretta, Camay, and anyone else, bring your PHS clothes to display. It would be fun to see them all decorate the memory room.

05/09/18 09:10 AM #636    


Judith Smith (Canaan)

I remember taking the bus downtown to Maximes and staying there looking at fabric and patterns forever. I also remember getting banana splits next door, and buying shoes at Leeds. I also enjoyed shopping at Seleby's (sp?) on Washington Blvd. 

05/09/18 10:00 AM #637    


Frances Pampeyan

Hi to Camay, Loretta, Anne and Judy.  I enjoyed your posts.  I used to sew my clothes and shop at Saleby's, so long ago.  Great memories.  I hope to see you at the reunion.

05/10/18 06:34 AM #638    


Janice Koch

I used to buy fabrics at Calico Corners.  And re. Judy Smith's post, is the place you bought banana splits "O'Farrels"?  I worked there the summer between my Junior and Senior year.

05/10/18 06:41 AM #639    


Barbara Kaplan (Kraemer)

I was a terrible seamstress and never shopped for fabric but remember doing  lots of shopping at the Broadway on Colorado and Leeds shoe stores! :)

05/10/18 09:21 AM #640    

Jan Sullivan (McEachern)

Amazed at how many of us loved to shop at Maxime's.  I too thought of it as a "candy store" and could spend hours there going row to row looking and touching all the fabrics.  I credit my love of sewing and creating from fabric to Marta Fuchs' mom who taught me so much about the craft.  I continued to sew clothes for myself and my kids for many years until my daughter Megan asked if she could have a "store bought" dress for Christmas at age eight iinstead of one of my creations. Turned to sewing items for the home - pillows, cushions, drapes, bedspreads, etc. after that.  So looking forward to the reunion and seeing so many familiar faces.

Jan Sullivan McEachern

05/10/18 05:22 PM #641    

Scott Crowe

Hi, Modie and Clay,

Thank-you for all your work!

We've sent in our registration form and fee.

Will alumni receive any any confirmation by email,

or will there be any list of registered attendees posted,

so we know we're on the "official" attendee list before we

fly all the way down there from Oregon?!

Thanks, Scott Crowe

05/10/18 06:11 PM #642    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

Yes, the Leeds shoe store was special. I remember getting shoes and matching purses. AND the dress shop next door was the cat's meow. I always wanted to work there but never applied.

05/10/18 10:51 PM #643    


Judith Smith (Canaan)

How fun to have sewing in common! I loved our homemaking classes! Janice, the ice cream store was on the same side of the street as Maximes. It may have been the one you worked at. Isn't  it amazing to see how beautiful our downtown has become?


05/11/18 08:29 AM #644    


Clay Werts

Thank you Scott Crowe for the question about conformation of your registration form being received. You and anyone else are welcome to contact me to confirm that you are in good standing. You may contact me either by email or giving me a call. Time is getting very close now so get those registration forms and check in the mail A.S.A.P. We will have "Fun Fun Fun til daddy takes the T-Bird away"                                                                P.H.S. Class of 1968 : 2212 Paseo Court, Las Vegas NV 89117-2758                                                                   

 Registration Questions Email  :  or Call  503-997-3631

05/12/18 03:56 AM #645    


Gary Tarplee

Clay, FYI my registration is in the mail.  Thanks!  Gary




05/12/18 04:00 PM #646    


Gary Warschaw

05/12/18 04:01 PM #647    


Gary Warschaw

05/12/18 04:02 PM #648    


Gary Warschaw

05/17/18 06:27 AM #649    


Janice Koch

Hi - Could you post a list of who has already registered?  It would be good to know who is coming.  Also, could you give info re.. how you are doing for donations in relation to what is needed?  

05/17/18 10:02 AM #650    


Modie (Martin) Katz

Janice, we really don’t want to try and post everyone that has registered for both privacy and work load issues. I am sure a lot of your Old Friends will be there. And you will find some new ones to connect with. 

As for the Donation, rest assured that every dollar will be used for the benefit of our classmates, reunion costs and expenses that are associated with putting on the Best Reunion you have ever attended.  Please send your donations to Clays address in Las Vegas as he is the one tabulating and noting the donations. 

Make check out to:


2212 Paseo Court

Las Vegas, NV  89117-2758

Thanks for your support  



05/17/18 10:17 AM #651    


Clay Werts

Anyone is welcome to contact me directly for a specific name of a reunion attendee.                                     Clay  503-997-3631 or email at ;

 All donations are welcome and encouraged. The donations may provide additional benefits to everyone. That may include free parking at the Hilton, a free drink, and maybe an additional entree for our dinner Saturday night. We are now 5 weeks away from the beginning of the 50 year reunion. PLEASE send your check and registration form with all questions answered. The LAST DAY that you can register by mail is June 2nd. Your registration MUST arrive in Las Vegas on or before June 8th. I will NOT be at my home after that date. Registration by mail is $120.00 per pearson and don't forget the $20.00 for the memory book. After the mail in deadline it will then require that you register at the door and the cost will be $140.00 per person. Checks for donations or registration should be made out to; PHS class of 1968 and mailed to; 2212 Paseo Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89117-2758. This is going to be FUN, so be there or be square !

05/23/18 05:29 PM #652    


Clay Werts

A thank you goes to Dave Ungerer for his donation of $56.80. Modie and I hoped for a bigger response to our P.H.S. 50 year celebration. If you know a class mate, please contact them. Let them know of the planned  reunion and everything that we will be doing over the 3 days. You now have ONLY 9 days left to register by mail. The price remains at $120.00 per person until June 1st.  Mail your check to 2212 Paseo Court Las Vegas NV 89117-2758. Donations go to the same address.  All registrations MUST arrive in Las Vegas on or before June 8th. 

05/24/18 10:02 AM #653    


Frances Pampeyan

Hi Clay.  I hope you received my registration.  Thanks.  Frances Pampeyan


05/24/18 01:21 PM #654    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

My fellow PHS grads - We are only a couple of weeks away from the 50th Reunion. For all of you who are planning to attend and haven't yet registered, or will plan to show up at the last minute, would you please help me to know who you are and if you plan to bring a guest. I am assembling name tags for all. Phil, in Georgia is printing pictures and sending them to me in S. Calif. Then I put them together and add tickets. I want to make sure no one is left out. Thank you so much for your help.

05/25/18 09:39 AM #655    


Judy Cox (Gottfeld)

Just out of curiosity, how many attendees are there? 

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