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07/19/18 07:52 PM #819    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

Gary - Thank you for sharing your mom with all of us through the years and especially at our 50th reunion. It was a wonderful representation of paying tribute to our parents. I am so proud of you for taking good care of your mom all these years. Many of us can identify with your experience. My mom passed in 1975, but I still have my dad. Thank you for being such a good example to the world of just how important it is to keep family important. I am thankful to have such a good friend as you are. Stay in touch. God bless you and guide you as you transition into a new phase of life. He is faithful and understands what we all go through. Heaven is the future for us, and your mom is surely enjoying being face to face with her Lord and Savior, Jesus.

07/20/18 12:05 PM #820    


Cecelia Estrada (Vaughan)


I had been planning and looking forward to attending the 50th reunion; however things don't always work out for us. Within 6 wks my 98 year old mother in law transitioned, and the DOJ grant I was employed under was not renewed.

I am in friendship touch with three very awesome (classmate) people plus one. Robert Armstrong, Jeanne Lirette Piller and Laurie DeVault. The plus one person is Robert Philipson, he travels alot and never responds to his FB "door".  No one will ever look the same. It is difficult for me to recognize many in the quad group shot.

I offer an open invitation to contact me here on the PHS page or on FB. I don't do Twitter or anything like it. 





07/20/18 02:05 PM #821    


Stephen Knapp (Knapp)


I pray that you find His comfort and pease during this time of loss and grieving. I enjoyed talking with you at the reunion, and wish I could have meet your mom. Earlier this week my sister took my dad, 93, for some lab work at Huntington hospital and he had a reaction to one of the medications he was given, we and my dad thought he was going to go to meet his maker that night but the medication worked its way out of his system and he is doing well for a 93 year old with a worn out heart, legs and lungs. Life is such a precious gift, live it to the fullest.

My mom's favorite poem:

One night I dreamed a dream.
As I was walking along the beach with my Lord.
Across the dark sky flashed scenes from my life.
For each scene, I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand,
One belonging to me and one to my Lord.

After the last scene of my life flashed before me,
I looked back at the footprints in the sand.
I noticed that at many times along the path of my life,
especially at the very lowest and saddest times,
there was only one set of footprints.

This really troubled me, so I asked the Lord about it.
"Lord, you said once I decided to follow you,
You'd walk with me all the way.
But I noticed that during the saddest and most troublesome times of my life,
there was only one set of footprints.
I don't understand why, when I needed You the most, You would leave me."

He whispered, "My precious child, I love you and will never leave you
Never, ever, during your trials and testings.
When you saw only one set of footprints,
It was then that I carried you."

07/21/18 09:22 AM #822    


Patricia Frances Anthony Goff

Cecilia,  These challenges would be difficult at any age but you are facing yours at our "time of life" with your usual quiet dignity and strength.  I hope you find Joy later on, when the clouds clear. ~ Frances (Patti) Goff

07/22/18 11:30 AM #823    


Cecelia Estrada (Vaughan)

Thanks so much Patty for your encouraging response. Gaining wisdom is letting go of the unnecessary.

07/22/18 05:37 PM #824    

Jan Sullivan (McEachern)

Gary - I was so saddened to hear the news of your mother's passing only weeks after seeing her at the reunion. I am so glad I came over to talk to you and your Mom on Sunday morning at the brunch.  We were blessed  to have parents who were so supportive of us, and your Mom was blessed to have a son like you who was there for her to the end.  May wonderful memories of her forever fill your heart.

Jan Sullivan McEachern

07/22/18 07:15 PM #825    

Michael Coates

How many attended the 50th reunion out of a total of how many 1968 graduates? Thanks to whomever kept track.

07/24/18 10:47 AM #826    


Modie (Martin) Katz

I believe we had approx. 1,100 graduates and the 50th reunion brought about 110 of us together. With spouces and friends, we had approx. 185 people at the Saturday nite dinner.  Hope to see you all and more at the next one.

07/29/18 05:48 PM #827    


Frances Pampeyan

Thanks, Anne Hassell, for posting your photos.  Such great memories!

07/30/18 11:22 AM #828    


Diane Schmidt (Baldwin)

Anne - what fabulous photos and I can't wait until we get our memory books.  Also, thank you for the labels!  I had a lot of fun at the reunion functions, but really depended on those name tags for some of my old classmates.  I mean, no offense to anyone.  It's my fading memory!  But once I recognized people, the memories came flashing back. 

Thanks again for everyone involved for a great time!


07/31/18 09:56 AM #829    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

You are,most welcome, Diane. We are still working to try to create a special memory book. Presently, we are trying to identify people by adding names to faces. We are also excited to see the final product too. Thank you for your sweet comments.

07/31/18 10:20 AM #830    


Clay Werts

                   YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE

We are pleased to announce that we are in the final stages of producing the memory book. The planning and organizing group has been working hard on this since the 50th reunion concluded in June. The group is Anne, Barry, Phil, Modie, and myself. We are happy to tell you that because of the generous donations of our class mates we will be including ALL of the pictures that were taken on Friday evening at P.H.S. and Saturday evening at the Pasadena Hilton. The normal number of pictures that would be in the memory book would be about 10. There was going to be a  C.D. that was going to be offered for sale at $20.00 each. We are eliminating the C.D. and including all 375 pictures in the memory book at no extra cost to you. You can expect to receive your memory book soon. We will announce the date of mailing so you can start looking for it in the mail. 

     A 3 or 4 day cruise was mentioned at the conclusion of the 50th reunion. We have had a history of meeting every 5 years. We will anticipate organizing this cruise at about the 2 1/2 year mark. It will begin and end in California. The cost of this cruise will be less than you spent on the 50th reunion. "The Love Boat " is in your future so start planning.  

07/31/18 12:09 PM #831    


Gary Hesse

It’s been over a month since our reunion?  Time flies!

As most of you know, a few weeks later my mother passed away.  I should add after 99+ years of a wonderful life.  Unfortunately her body was shutting down – nothing could be done, but she did go to her strength and weight training class even after the reunion!  I would like to thank all of you who gave me words of support – more support than from my family!  She was laid to rest this weekend.

So, time to start a new chapter in my life.  Put the word out that I am interested in meeting someone to share my life with!  It won’t happen if I don’t get out there and let people know!

Oh, one thing for all of you to consider.  I am the executor for my mother’s living trust.  It was carefully drawn up and very explicit.  My siblings were not happy with parts of it when we got together over the past two days and went through it and divided up some of the tangible property mentioned in the trust.  I had to remind them that the trust was none of my doing – I was just executing a trust for which I had been asked to be the executor!  And, her attorney had insisted that she provide letters from two doctors indicating that she was capable of making responsible decisions for herself prior to completing the document!  I had to abide by it also!  So, if you have not to date done a living trust, should you need one, do it!  It will prevent many unforeseen problems in the future for your heirs and your executor!

08/01/18 04:11 PM #832    

Katherine (Katie) Shaw (Hendren)

Hi Gary,

    Sorry to heat about your mom. Great that she make it to the reunion! I think we should talk more about future.

My number is 714-421-2635. Look forward to talking with you.


Katie (Shaw) Hendren

08/02/18 11:05 AM #833    


Modie (Martin) Katz

To All,

To follow up on Clay's post, we will most likely be having an evening Bon Voyage Party before the cruise for those that don't have sea legs.  We will have more announcements on this in the next 4-6 months.  Stay tuned!!

Tell us a few stories about the 50th reunion that made you smile.smiley


08/03/18 02:12 PM #834    


Kenneth (Ken) Marschall

Before the reunion I recall one or more of the former drill team musing about putting together a short routine.  I see at least one gal showed up at PHS in full regalia, ready to go -- and looking startlingly unchanged, I might add -- but I haven't heard whether the routine happened.  If it did, was anyone shooting video?  I'm sure many of us who weren't in attendance would LOVE to see this.  Searching "Pasadena High 1968 reunion" on YouTube, I find nothing posted so far other than a nice segment showing Barry Schwam playing along on his Theramin with the Grateful Dads, including a brief 360-degree pan around showing the audience:

And of course there's the video of Barry performing the Star Trek theme that night, which was announced several weeks back.

But if anyone else would care to post videos, including of the MCs speaking, I'm sure many of us are eager to see them.  Thanks!

08/03/18 02:32 PM #835    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

I am trying to identify all the people in the group photos taken at the 50th reunion. Please help me with the last few names. I don't feel I can send the memory book to print without all the names in the group photos.

In the Don Benito Photo, I need to know who is the pretty face in between Barry Schwam and Marilyn McCormic in the last row. Also, in the back row, who is the gentleman in between Nancy Howell and Kristi Owen?

In the Willard photo, I need to know who are the pretty girls in the front row next to Deborah Ballentine and Yvonne Lewis. Please search your memories for me. Thank you, Anne Hassell. You can text me at 760 638-1214 or email me

08/03/18 07:19 PM #836    

Debra Ballantyne (Orrell)

Hello Anne,  On proof picture dated 8/3/18, The lower picture showed me (Debra Ballantyne)   The gal on the far left, in the teal dress, was Margo Morris & other gal was Betty Richards.  Hey it pays to be an organizer of a reunion!  You were in so many pictures!  You deserve, my thanks.  It was a very nice reunion!  Deb 


08/03/18 08:53 PM #837    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

Thank you for your help Debra. I'll correct the spelling of your name and add the others. There will be many candid photos, lots of extra pages of them of everyone.

08/05/18 10:56 AM #838    

Jan Sullivan (McEachern)


The pretty face bewteen Barry and Marilyn is Jan Smith. I believe the gentleman between Nancy and Krsiti is Randy Huth.

08/05/18 11:18 PM #839    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

Thank you all for the help identifying people in group photos. I am excited to get this book finished and out to you all. Great news: there will be lots of extra pages with all the candid shots taken. You can thank Clay and Modie for this wonderful gift.

08/18/18 12:05 AM #840    

Pauline Potts (Yonts)

Thanks to all the HTT friends who attended the reunion!  I was glad to see that two of the casual group photos my husband took Friday night made it onto the Reunion Photos page.  I wish we could have had an organized, professional photo done, though.  Jan Sullivan, I just saw your name on a post, but I didn't even know you were there!  I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you (or take a photo).  The same for you, Gary Hesse.  I'm sure there were others I missed.  I also had some health problems and difficulty getting to some of the events on time; I don't travel very well anymore.  If any of you were in one of the Saturday evening photos we took and would like a copy emailed to you, please let me know (see my profile page).  Does anyone know if Mrs. Barbara Sheinkopf is still around, and if so, how to contact her?  Thanks.  -- Pauline (Potts) Yonts

08/18/18 08:39 AM #841    


Clay Werts


We are happy to tell you that the memory books will be printed this coming week. The mailing will begin shortly thereafter. You should all receive your memory books before the end of the month. Modie & I would like to give a BIG thank you to Anne for all of the work on memory book. Lets add a thanks to Barry & Phil also. If you have not received your memory book by September 1st  please us know. Look forward to seeing all of you on the "Love Boat" cruise in two and half years. 

08/18/18 11:15 AM #842    

Jan Sullivan (McEachern)


So sorry I missed you too.  We really needed a week to catch up with friends from the past.  Happy though that I was able to reconnect with so many because of the reunion and all the interesting posts everyone has sent in.

08/18/18 03:48 PM #843    


Gary Hesse


Pauline, I’m sorry that I missed you at the reunion.  I could only attend parts of each event as I was also taking care of my mother, who passed away 3 weeks later.  HTT was a wonderful experience for me as it had us work together with students in other grades and with wonderful teachers.  Barbara Sheinkopf only taught that one year, as the next year she and her husband adopted a baby.  She did return to teaching later and still lives in Pasadena.  Here is her information:

Barbara A Sheinkopf
1445 Paloma ST
Pasadena, CA 91104

(626) 797-4718


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