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04/15/23 03:02 PM #1029    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

You all are correct. I was on drill team 1967-68, and I cannot find myself.

04/22/23 12:33 PM #1030    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

Dear Classmates, I am so thankful that my classmates give us the opportunity to come together every five years. Other classes are not so lucky. I worry that many of you will not come this June 2023. Maybe this is because of divisions within our country or the economy. A few people cannot come because they are too sick. Please pray for them.                                    Please don't let anything stop you from joining together in unity as our class of 1968. I don't want to miss seeing any of you. Personally, I am very lonely since the recent death of my husband in December. I need your smiles and hugs!                                                                If you don't attend the Saturday night dinner at the Embassy Suites, please, at least come to Victory Park on Friday 4:00 - 9:00 pm for pizza. Please RSVP about the pizza, so Clay and Modie will know how much pizza to provide.                                                                         Also, would you please message me if you are coming to the park or the dinner? I want to know who I can expect to see. I miss you all. God bless you, my PHS friends. Anne Hassell 

04/23/23 03:29 AM #1031    


Joe Silver (Silver)

Leave it to Eagle Eye Gary to spot me carrying my trumpet.  I probably was to tired carrying that damn sousaphone which weighed more than I did!!  I am sorry that I won't be at our reunion this June. Heart issues will keep me from attending.  But I will be at our 60th for sure

04/23/23 08:38 AM #1032    


Modie (Martin) Katz

Thank you Anne,

To All, please do register ASAP so that we can get an accurate estimate of how many people will be attending each event. It is a lot of work coordinating these events and you can help by letting us know if you are coming, and we hope you are, so that we can get name tags, enough food, and seats and tables at each venue. 
I would like to thank everyone that has helped on our planning committee and invite anyone that can join our planing for the next reunion. 

looking forward to seeing you All there, 


05/14/23 07:52 PM #1033    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

OK, y'all, I would love to know who is coming to the 55th reunion. Please send me a message, (not on this website) I would love to know if you are joining us for pizza at the park on Friday at 4:00 and the Saturday night dinner. I would love know who I can look forward to seeing, especially since I have to brave it alone, without my late husband. I would love to have a singles' table for all of us loners to sit together. Maybe you, too, fit into this category, and we can support one another. How brave is that for a grieving widow?!! Please come and say, "Hi," to me. I miss so many of my fellow grads.

05/15/23 08:33 AM #1034    


Terry Thompson


Kathy and I will be attending both the Victory Park Pizza and the evening events and will be sending payment today.. Please let me know if I should send it as previously asked or to you directly.


Terry B. Thompson

05/15/23 10:34 AM #1035    


Clay Werts

                    NEW   Announcement

We are extending the discount price for the Saturday night dinner at Embassy Suites on June 17th. The price will remain at $90.00 per person until June 1st. Please take advantage of this price. After June 1st, the price will increase to $115.00 p.p. The numbers have been less than we had hoped for. There is no assurance that there will be a 60th P.H.S. reunion so let's get together this time. Everyone is welcome to join us for FREE pizza, chips, and soft drinks at Victiory Park on Friday the 16th from 4 to 9 pm. Contact some of your old high school friends and encourage them to join us, it may be the last time. We're not going to last forever.  All checks must be sent to me and made out to "Clay Werts". Please send the checks to 2212 Paseo CT. Las Vegas NV 89117-2758. If you have any questions regarding the 55th reunion events, you are welcome to email me at or just call me at 503-997-3631. Let's sing that "sturdy as a mountain lovely as the dawn" song one more time together. 


05/16/23 08:12 AM #1036    


Patricia Peterson (Schulz)

I will be at the pizza dinner on Friday night and dinner Saturday night. I am excited to see everyone. Kathy Kolts Showers is coming, too. 

05/22/23 09:06 PM #1037    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

I have a request for all grads who are coming to the park on Friday. I want you all to have a name tag. If you are also coming on Saturday, bring your name tag and use it again that night. I want you all to feel comfortable recognizing each other, by using name tags, and remembering names, without having to ask and remember who is who. SOOO, please make sure you message me to let me know you are coming to the park on Friday. So far, I have received messages from Charlie Cockerill, Kathy Gleim, Rodrigo Marin, Terry and Kathy Thompson, John Nettelton, Tracy Dunning, Patricia Peterson Schultz, Kathy Kolts Showers, Frances Pampeyan, Gerald Shutman, Miles Wagner. Remember, YOU DO NOT PAY ME ANYTHING. All money must be sent to Clay. Friday is free. Thank you, Anne Hassell

05/23/23 07:42 AM #1038    


Modie (Martin) Katz

And if you can remember where you put your name tag from the last reunion, bring that one with you so that Anne doesn't have to make a new one for you. 
In any case come to the reunion knowing that you will have a GREAT time but please let us know you will be there. FREE on Friday at the park, $90 sent to Clay for Saturday dinner still available till June 1..

Looking forward to see you there. 

05/23/23 08:27 AM #1039    

Arlene Bennett

I will be there at Victory Park!

05/23/23 09:22 AM #1040    


Stephen Knapp (Knapp)

I will not be able to attend, Iwill be in Big SUR camping with my family and celebrating 47th wedding anneversary. I hope you all have a blessed time together.


05/23/23 10:53 AM #1041    


Michael Blumenfeld

Miss pizza? Not me.. See you there

05/23/23 12:05 PM #1042    


Gary Nouskajian

I will be at Vivctory Park. 

05/23/23 12:14 PM #1043    


Janet Bettencourt (Owens)

Anne, I will be at the park on Friday.  Thank you for all the work you guys do.

05/24/23 10:13 AM #1044    


Ronald Coleman

Anne, Jean and I will not be at the park, we will be there for Saturday and we both have our 50th name tags.

Can't wait to see all my Gary hair friends

05/24/23 10:16 AM #1045    


Terry Thompson

Soon as I recall what I had for breakfast, I'll work on finding the name tag...

05/24/23 10:19 AM #1046    


Terry Thompson

I am married nearly 48 years to the most wonderful person in the world. And.... she has our name tags from the 50th. I am at a loss to wonder what makes her so effecient.

05/25/23 10:36 PM #1047    


Robert Green

Flying in from St. Louis on Friday.... Probably won't be able to make Vivtory Park(many great baseball and post parade memories  there), but will be there Saturday.. Look forward to seeing everyone!


05/26/23 11:30 AM #1048    


Michael Blumenfeld

Found my name tag. Who is that guy??

05/27/23 09:35 AM #1049    


Marc Minovitz

I will be in attendance all weekend. 

05/27/23 06:19 PM #1050    


Marc Minovitz

I can't believe I found my name tag!

05/29/23 09:52 AM #1051    


Terry Thompson

Is there anything Kathy and I can bring to the Friday Pizza in the park event? Ice, beverages, etc? 

05/30/23 06:31 AM #1052    


Modie (Martin) Katz

If you have any games like bean bag throws or ring hoops, that would add to the entertainment. Otherwise just bring a happy face and smiles. Thanks for the offer. 😎

06/03/23 07:58 AM #1053    


Katharine Stoops (Winter)

I will be there on Friday and Saturday.  

Katy Winter (nee Stoops)

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