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08/22/21 12:24 PM #968    


Clay Werts

Hi everybody, my grandson is in the Little League Worlds Series. This is a dream come true for every kid. He is on the Lake Oswego Oregon team playing in Williamsport PA. He is Crew Corry number 4 and plays shortstop. The game for today has been canceled because of rain. They will play tomorrow (Monday) and it will be broadcast on ESPN. Nora and our daughter are their to see all of the games. Look for Nora in the stands because they show family members when Crew is up to bat. Best wishes to Crew and all of you !!

08/23/21 11:16 AM #969    


Modie (Martin) Katz

Wow, what a thrill for him, you and your family. Need more of this "good stuff" to go around. 
Win or lose it's a great accomplishment. Congratulations to you all. 

08/23/21 02:47 PM #970    

Barry Chisholm

Clay, congratulations to Crew, his team, and your family on this memorable achievement!   My sister's husband Rob is also at the Little League Championship in Williamsport....he's the ticket/special events guy at MLB.    Hope he gets to see Crew play!      

12/19/21 10:07 AM #971    


Gary Hesse

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to All!

Just wanted to send greetings and best wishes to all of my PHS classmates and their families!  Remember that senior year of 1967/1968 ??  "Enduring" our Senior Year?  Applictions to College, taking the ACT''s and/or the SAT's?  Hey guys, had you remembered to register for the Draft??  The 1968  Presidential elections heating up with some tragedic spinoffs unfortunately??  I can remenber ditching school one day with Tom Barnes to go down to CalTech to hear Eugene McCarthy plug his bid to be the Democratic Party Candidate later in the Spring!  And who rolled all of those marbles down through the seats at the Senior Assembly?? ...probably some of the same classmates who left the beer cans on the seats in the Rose Bowl when we arose to file down to get our diplomas at graduation!!

It was an interesting time and year in our lives!!

May you all make it a safe and memorable holiday week as we bring 2021 to a conclusion!  

Gary Hesse

IIRC, in 1968 a 6-Pack of Coors Beer was $1.00 for the small cans; $1.15 for the tall cans!  Gasoline was about 15-17 cents a gallon, and houses in Upper Hastings Ranch were about $25K (now going for upwards of ~$1M!)


12/20/21 10:26 AM #972    


Patricia Frances Anthony Goff

Thanks for Holiday Greetings, Gary Hesse!  Same to you and your family.  Marbles?!  Beer cans?!  I was SO out of it then . . . I can't say '68 snapped me into awareness but it started a cascade of sorts.  We "Boomers" did figure some stuff out; here's hoping we figure out CoViD, for the reat Yearbook of History!  Peace! ~ Frances Goff

01/06/22 08:49 AM #973    


Tracy Dunning

Wanting to let you know that we lost two more classmates -

Art Bolster died peacefully last May; his daughter reached out to let me know as she was wanting to know more about him during high school. So if you have anything to share with her,

And Mike Oakley passed on in 2020 (as reported by Mark Frederick when we had a great visit.)

Hoping that 2022 brings compassion, strength and curiosity to ease the way into the unknown of this year.

01/07/22 12:10 PM #974    


Frances Pampeyan

Thanks for these updates Tracy.  I wish you all a healthy 2022.


01/08/22 01:47 PM #975    

Gerald Shutman

So sorry to hear about Art and Mike. I did not know Art well but Mike was a friend.

04/28/22 10:20 AM #976    


Clay Werts

  P.H.S. 55th Class Reunion   

We are happy to announce the plans for our 55th class reunion that is being planned for next year. Please plan now to join us on Saturday June 17th, 2023.  We have made arrangments to have our reunion at the Embassy Suites in Arcadia. If it sounds familiar, it's because we held some of our earlier reunions at this property. We decided to return there because the cost was much less than the other hotels we considered. The Embassy Suites provides a free buffet breakfast for all hotel guests. They also provide free parking for everyone and there are other advangaes. We will, in the future, post a website for you to go to so you can make a reservation for the reunion. You will want to make your reservations on this site to take advanage of the reduced room rates. As it now stands, we are planning on meeting at the Clearman's North Woods Inn on Rosemead in San Gabriel Friday evening at 5:00 PM. As usual, you will pay for your own drinks and dinner. Everyone is welcome, please plan on joining us for this fun event. Saturday morning everyone is welcome to join us at Victory Park,(next to P.H.S) about 11:00 AM . We will be providing free soft drinks and pizza. This is being paid for from the donations that were leftover from the 50th reunion. This event will conclude about 2:00 PM. Then back to the Embassy Suites for our main event. Check-in for the dinner will begin about 5:00 PM. We will say good bye to everyone Sunday morning at the buffet breakfast starting at 8 AM. For those not staying at the hotel, you can purchase breakfast. Please join us for this special event. We're not going to last forever so you've got to come this time !!

     Committee members :

           Modie Katz                                                                                                                                                            Clay Werts                                                                                                                                                            Ann Nelson (Hassell)                                                                                                                                            Barry Chishom                                                                                                                                                      Phil Denslow


06/12/22 04:32 PM #977    


Modie (Martin) Katz

Great news for next year's 55th reunion. It's not on Zoom!! It will be in-person and with some left over money's from the 50th, thanks to all that donated and attended, we will buy pizza and drinks for a Victory Park lunch. 
June of 2023 will be here before you know it. I feel that the years go buy faster as we get older. 
so start your plans and watch for upcoming announcements as the time gets closer, i.e., hotel reservations etc. Hope to see you all then. 

06/15/22 09:43 AM #978    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

I am SOOO looking forward to seein you, Modie, and all our friends again next year. AnneHassell Nelson

08/08/22 12:25 PM #979    


Modie (Martin) Katz


Just a few more rooms left at our lowest negotiated price for our 55th reunion next June at the Embassy Suites Arcadia.  Don't be confused when you see on the Embassy Suites site that this is for our 50th reunion as we all know that was a mistake on their part.

Book your rooms now and start to prepare your travel arrangment.  Remember that June 16th evening is going to be a blast at Northwoods Inn, then June 17th we have a casual pizza get together at Victory Park and then that evening our sit down dinner at the Embassy Suites.  So book your rooms for 2 nights (16th and 17th) and we look forward to seeing you there.

Till next time,





08/09/22 04:41 PM #980    


Judy Cox (Gottfeld)

Hi Modie, 

I am on the hotel website, and it wants a code for special rates. Do we have any, or should I just call?



08/09/22 06:05 PM #981    


Gary Nouskajian

Hi Modie,


Thanks for the reminder about the Hotel rooms shrinking availability. I used the information below from you to book my room for both nights (June 16 & 17, 2023). Thanks.

We have a Special Room Price for our reunion, for a Limited Amount of rooms. Make your reservation soon!! Use this link ( to get the Special Price.


08/10/22 07:09 AM #982    


Judy Cox (Gottfeld)

Thanks, Gary, that link worked. I don't remember ever seeing the link you posted. 

08/10/22 07:42 AM #983    


Modie (Martin) Katz

To All

To book your rooms, look at the home page of our reunion web site and click on that link. 
See you there. 

08/11/22 09:30 AM #984    


Dr. Thomas Barnes, M. D.

Thanks for the hotel info!    We just reserved a room for both nights!    See you all there next June 16 and 17!   
Sarah and Thomas

08/11/22 04:09 PM #985    


Nancy Green (Harper)


I just booked my room for the reunion. I have not attended one since the 20th. I am so glad it will work out this time. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Let me know if you need any help. See you!


08/20/22 12:03 PM #986    


Margo Feinstein (Connolly)

Greetings, Classmates!

Many thanks to the committee for their dedicated work to plan our next great reunion!

Last summer, several of you donated to American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN), the organization that does legislative advocacy work as needed by American Cancer Society.  Donors sponsor Lights of Hope bags for any multiples of $10, and these are decorated and displayed either in a big event in Washington D.C., or (since the pandemic began) locally. Those bags sponsored via my personal page (see link below) are currently displayed inside/outside the window of the American Cancer Society Discovery (resale) Shop in downtown Walnut Creek, Ca. and will be until 9/8/22. Although the display is local in the East Bay Area, our advocacy to save lives greatly affects people throughout California--and nationally. 

Example: We are very close to adding mandatory medical insurance coverage for often-expensive biomarker testing of diagnosed cancers in California.  Currently, these high-tech tests, which can lead to more targeted treatments, are not covered for most patients. They can cost up to $10,000 each, so fewer treatment options are available to lower-income patients unable to pay out of pocket.  You can read more about this on my donation page--link is below.

If you scroll back and read my posts from 7/10/21 and 8/21/21, the details about our organization and Lights of Hope fundraising event are the same.

Please consider sponsoring one or more Lights of Hope bags for $10/each at this time.  Ideas:  In memory of----, In honor of--- a cancer patient (please do not use last name of living patient for privacy), a message to legislators like FUND THE CURE!, or a message to the public about healthcare like REMEMBER THE SUNSCREEN! We are not artists, but we are happy to decorate bags and can sometimes add a simple picture. I have friends who have offered to help if we have many bags sponsored at once.

Here is the link to my personal page to donate any multiple of $10 to support ACS CAN advocacy:

If you do donate, please email me the list of ideas for your bags today, so we can get them designed and posted right away. I will be posting more bags at the ACS Discovery Shop tomorrow.


Thank you ahead for your consideration.  Any donation will make a huge impact on saving lives!

Enjoy the summer and stay well!

Margo (Feinstein) Connolly


09/27/22 12:20 PM #987    


Modie (Martin) Katz

To All Classmates,

We have been able to get more rooms at the Embassy Suites for our reunion at a Great Price, $159 King/$169 double beds. And the booking can be for a day earlier and leaving a day later so if you want to stay a few days to see old friends and/or places, just ask when you book your room.

So book NOW and come and enjoy our 55th PHS Class Reunion.

Clay will be posting more information on the Reunion so stay tuned.

Hope to see you all then,



09/28/22 08:29 AM #988    


Christopher Bragdon

Why do we get to stay in a hotel in Arcadia?  As a member of the PHS marching band, Arcadia was a vicious and relentless adversary that our band battled against.  What is wrong with a real “home town” venue in Pasadena?  Sure, we are supposed to let bygones be bygones, but hey, where the hell is the old Bull Dog spirit?

09/28/22 02:02 PM #989    


Clay Werts


The 55th P.H.S. reunion will be held on Saturday evening June 17th 2023. You can start sending your checks on January 1st 2023. All checks will need to arrive on or before May 15th 2023. The price of the event will be $ 90.00 per person. The price after May 15th will be $110.00 per person. This price is for the Saturday night dinner and includes lots of fun and memories. For those interested, many of us will be heading to Clearmans North Woods Inn Friday June 16th starting at 5 PM. The dinner and drinks are at your own expense. Saturday morning starting at 11 AM, everyone is invited to meet at Victory Park. (next to PHS). We will be providing FREE pizza and soda's for everyone. Lots of FUN and it's FREE ! After the picnic, we will head to the Embassy Suites in Arcadia for the main event. Sunday morning, June 18th, everyone is encouraged to come and enjoy a buffet breakfast at the Embassy Suites starting at 7:00 AM. until 11:30 AM. The buffet breakfast is included for hotel guests. You may purchase the breakfast if you are not a hotel guest. Or just come and have a cup of coffee with us.                                                                                                                                                                                             Write the check to : P.H.S. Reunion                                                                                    2212 Paseo Ct.                                                                                                                    Las Vegas NV. 89117-2758

We MUST have these questions answered.  When you send your check to me, PLEASE include a piece of paper answering these questions :

 1) Do you prefer Chicken or Salmon for your entree Saturday night. You can have one or the other BUT not both. 

2) Are you going to join us Friday night at the North Woods Inn and if so how many will be with you ? 

3) Are you coming to the Saturday morning picnic at Victory Park and if so how many will be with you. (All are welcome)

4) Will you be joining us Sunday morning and if so how many will be with you?

If you have questions, you are welcome contact us.                                           

       Clay Werts at;                                                                            Modie Katz at :




















09/29/22 09:19 AM #990    


Patricia Frances Anthony Goff

Hi, Chris.  Please take a deep breath and think about all that's happened to us '68-ers in the last 55 years.  In case of the '23 Reunion, think of how much has changed because of the CoViD-19 pandemic.  Suddenly, in 2020, we had to do EVERYTHING differently; that includes all the businesses we might engage for Reunion festivities ('remember the 2021 Rose Parade? 'Me either).  It wasn't just auto parts stores and clothing boutiques who had to change; hotels (and the restaurants inside them) did as well.  I doff my chapeau to Clay for putting this together.  We will meet as joyfully as we can; the venue is only important if we show up and need more chairs.

09/30/22 09:35 AM #991    

Gregory Roberts

Yes and it is not the location but the people who will make this reunion a good occassion!

09/30/22 09:37 AM #992    


Christopher Bragdon

To Patricia, Don’t put the pandemic or politics in this.  I merely mean the old battles and competitions we dealt with back in 1968.  Sure we are in a different situation now, but please, keep this matter out, OUT of this venue.  Thank you.

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