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08/22/19 02:36 PM #888    


Gary Hesse

….Leaving now to head over to the Rose Bowl to the Rolling Stones Concert.  Just think what our classmates would have told me if I had said that I'd be doing that in 2019 while we were in our caps and gown at the Rose Bowl 51 years ago and probably listening to the Stones on the way there or back!!

I can still remember being bused from Hastings Ranch to Marshall Jr. High School  around 1964/5 and asking our bus driver Dale to turn on KRLA so we could listen to the Beatles or the Stones!

Poor Mick Jagger - he tried, and he tried, and he tried, and he tried, but he couldn't get no satisfaction - whoever believes that probably has bought the Brooklyn Bridge a few times.


09/26/19 11:14 AM #889    


Modie (Martin) Katz

OK everyone,

Here is the wanted to get together on a cruise and we have arranged it.

Join us for our first PHS Reunion Cruise April 15-19, 2021 aboard the Royal Princess, a new 3,560 passenger ship that offers a variety of activities and venues to enjoy during your four days onboard

Barbara Dwyer will be the touch point for any questions and for people to sign up - or cell 310-990-4659

Lets get signed up so that we have an idea of how many Suites/ Rooms we need to reserve and what kind of deal we can negotiate for activities etc.

Hope to see you all on board.

11/06/19 02:49 AM #890    

Barry Chisholm

Hi Everyone,

Enjoyed the just-posted video about the Princess cruise ship.

We also just booked our reservation on the 2021 Reunion Cruise.  Thank you, Barbara Dwyer, for making the reservation process so easy!     

11/07/19 11:02 AM #891    


Modie (Martin) Katz


I think you will probably be traveling the longest distance for this re-union.  I am sure it will be worth it.. Looking forward to getting together again and this time we will have a lot more time to catch up. 

Till then, Modie

01/08/20 08:20 AM #892    

Barry Chisholm

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year!   So effective a few days ago we can talk about "next year's" reunion!   And you're right Modie this time we should have more opportunities to catch up and reflect on good times past present and future.  Have a great day.



01/09/20 11:44 AM #893    


Modie (Martin) Katz

Happy New Year to everyone and hope it finds everyone Healthy as well.  We are all getting to that age that a little R&R is called for and the next reunion should be a pleasant and relaxing way to enjoy our classmates for a few days.  Yes it is that time again to sign up for the Class of '68 reunion to take place in 2021.  All the information is on the Home Page and if you are like me, if you don't do it now, you will probably forget.

Hope to see your name on the ships log soon.

03/27/20 12:27 PM #894    

Barry Chisholm

Hi Everyone,

We've seen difficult, challenging times before and we made it through just like we'll get through this one.

But in the meantime, I'm sure many of us are thinking and concerned about our families, friends, and fellow classmates and hoping that we can stay as healthy as possible.

Best wishes and hopeful, prayerul thoughts to all of you.   I'll continue to look forward to seeing as many of you as possible and keeping in touch whenever we can.

03/28/20 02:38 AM #895    

Michael Coates

After what we've seen lately, I wouldn't go on a cruise if they paid me. Good luck to all who have signed up to go.

03/28/20 07:04 AM #896    


Walter "Bud" Elsaesser (Elsaesser)

For anyone considering a cruise have a read if this URL, The have the worst ventilation systems of any form of travel and entertainment or work

03/28/20 10:48 AM #897    


Joe Silver (Silver)

Please get together, at least 6 ft. apart, I mean the reunion group, and cancel the 2021 reunion. 

03/28/20 12:26 PM #898    


Kenneth (Ken) Marschall

I would urge classmates not to be too worried or to cancel the cruise.  It's over a year away, and all the scientists seem to be in agreement that the pandemic will peak soon and the "curve" will die down within a few months.  The virus can't live in the air for more than a few hours, tops, and on most surfaces for more than a few days.  You can't catch it from the air unless someone sneezes or coughs right near you.  As long as we exercise commonsense distancing, wash our hands after touching potentially contaminated surfaces and don't touch our faces, we simply cannot contract this thing.

More to the point, given the fast-tracked urgency of the situation, by all accounts we should have a vaccine by next April.  Several countries are testing more than one vaccine already.

For these reasons I would suggest that the cruise not be cancelled.  There's no urgency to do so, and let's see how things go.  Meantime, just make sure you have cancellation insurance so that if there's still a concern 13 months from now (say, a seasonal flare-up next winter) you can cancel without penalty.   

03/29/20 09:27 AM #899    


Modie (Martin) Katz

To All of our Classmates,

Due to the Covid-19 crisis and all the ramifications that it brings, the committee for the Cruise reunion has decided to Cancel the “Love Boat” reunion cruise in 2021 and will concentrate on our 55th year reunion in 2023.

We always appreciate your comments and hope that you continue to stay in contact with each other through this forum.

If anyone has any suggestions on the next reunion in 2023, lets us hear from you.  And as always we can use volunteers.

Stay Safe and Healthy

03/30/20 10:01 AM #900    


Patricia Frances Anthony Goff

Dear Bulldogs Sheltering-in-Place,

We're still here, keeping what folks at my UU Church call "Compassionate Spacing", so that we can learn from this; we can't Cruise next year but we can become different, 21st Century Wise Elders and learn to be with each other in ways that distance does not matter.

Pece to all and Be Well.

France Goff

03/31/20 09:05 AM #901    


Christopher Bragdon

The recent “decision” to cancel the proposed cruise raised a hair or two!  We should have some “input” to these sort of policy changes with, maybe a discussion, debate or two, as a whole sale Politburo decision to scrap the cruise is not, NOT who we are.  We need to gather data, think rationally, take a vote, and then decide to go with the cruise or not.  Sorry, just saying no cruise does not work for me, not one single bit.  This site is starting to loose what little credibility it has left, big time!

Sure there are the corona virus issues, but allow us to talk about it!

03/31/20 11:35 AM #902    


Clay Werts

Chris, you are assuming that all the suggestions you made were not done. The decision to cancel was made by the same 2 people that made the decision to do a cruise. That was Modie & myself. We spoke with others before making the decision and all agreed that canceling was the best choice. All of the decisions Modie & I have made ( past and future) are intended to be for the best of all of our classmates. Canceling was not because of the Wuhan virus itself, but the financial damage that the virus is creating for so many of us. This will pass and "normal" will return. Be of good cheer, good things will happen in the future with lots of fun for all. Best Wishes to everyone !!

04/01/20 08:42 AM #903    


Linda Wright (Lewis)

Thanks, Clay & Modie, for the time and effort you give to PHS reunions and alumni news.  It's important to examine responses to crises and leaders take responsibility. Obtaining a vaccine is critical.  Stay well, consider needs of others and heed the quarantine.  



04/01/20 09:35 AM #904    


Christopher Bragdon

Virus came from China..

04/01/20 09:46 AM #905    


Stephen Knapp (Knapp)

Happening Now!

04/01/20 10:50 AM #906    


Patricia Frances Anthony Goff

I started to get impatient with fellow Bulldogs who are still letting themselves be triggered by Right-Wing crazies just because what they say is easiest to hear . . . then I remembered 50 years ago when the same things applied . . . We all graduated mere days after RFK was assassinated . . . we're still here because we learned to cope.  We'll learn to cope now, too.  When we cruise is not so important; that we learn to cruise in a new and creative way should be our goal.

I'm not giving up.  'You?

Frances Goff

04/01/20 12:12 PM #907    


Modie (Martin) Katz

To my classmates 

Please do understand that Clay and I first spoke to Cruise Professional that was helping with our reservation and she was quite addament about canceling our cruise do to the Covid-19 pandemic we are all experiencing. She is also our classmate and had booked her reservation. As she mentioned, the cruise industry is going to be devastated by this and Clay and I did not want to put our classmates in the crosshairs of this issue at this time.

Lets all remember that as in a public forum, you try to stay away from issues like Sex, Politics or Religion. This is All of our classmates forum so lets try and keep those same norms.

Lets pivot to how are we all doing? Have any suggestions on how to make Shelter at Home more manageable and interesting? 

I personally am involved with a business group called The Alliance of Chief Executive in Sacramento and we have been holding our Monthly meetings on Zoom. My group has decided to do weekly check ins every Friday.  This allows everyone to stay in touch and bring up the latest situations on thier businesses and personal lives.

Staying in touch is critical for well being.

Stay in touch and be well.

04/01/20 12:53 PM #908    


Keith Anvick

Don't remember who spoke at our graduation, but I wish it could have been this guy...


04/02/20 09:33 AM #909    


Barbara Bell (Dwyer)

For those missing various groups or friends, Zoom is a great tool. We held our monthly book group using it. 

04/02/20 10:47 AM #910    


Modie (Martin) Katz

Keith, I just listen to the speech and it was, as you said, memorable and powerful. I would have not been a good canditate for the Seals.

Thanks for sharing. 

04/02/20 10:55 AM #911    


Modie (Martin) Katz

Barbara, as I said the Zoom application is a wonderful way to stay connected and it is FREE. Use it for up to 40 minutes and have less then 50 people in the group for free.  There are tips on how to use Zoom on the web and an easy "Get Started" video to help you with setting it up.

Have fun

04/05/20 10:48 AM #912    


Gary Hesse


I hope that everyone in our class has been and will be able to take the present situations as we have done in our own personal pasts!  Things in Pasadena are rather quite at present and Sierra Madre looks like a ghost town, with the exception that everyone has a dog (like me) and all are out walking - and many (most) have masks on; everyone is quite courteous and respectful of others.

I'm taking the time to continue my downsizing (of 2 houses) and being a bit constructive in finding places of most things where they can be used and/or appreciated by the recipients (though not going out and delivering at present).  Would anyone like to have my three PHS YEARBOOKS??? I have seldom looked through them and still have many good memories of our learning years.  I would prefer to have someone just pick them up, but if you are out of the LA area, just let me know and for about $10 I could UPS them to you after things settle down.

As a laugh, my eldest cousin called me from Atlanta and said that they had only 2 rolls of TP left and that there was none to be found around Atlanta!  Recalling that one semester history class in 12th grade, I told him that Sherman had begun his march to the sea in Atlanta and took it all with him!  He said that wasn't funny!

Be good, be safe, try to perform a random act of kindness every day! ....Gary

btw..I'm suddenly becoming deluged in the mail with cruise brochures!!!

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