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04/01/20 09:35 AM #904    


Christopher Bragdon

Virus came from China..

04/01/20 09:46 AM #905    


Stephen Knapp (Knapp)

Happening Now!

04/01/20 10:50 AM #906    


Patricia Frances Anthony Goff

I started to get impatient with fellow Bulldogs who are still letting themselves be triggered by Right-Wing crazies just because what they say is easiest to hear . . . then I remembered 50 years ago when the same things applied . . . We all graduated mere days after RFK was assassinated . . . we're still here because we learned to cope.  We'll learn to cope now, too.  When we cruise is not so important; that we learn to cruise in a new and creative way should be our goal.

I'm not giving up.  'You?

Frances Goff

04/01/20 12:12 PM #907    


Modie (Martin) Katz

To my classmates 

Please do understand that Clay and I first spoke to Cruise Professional that was helping with our reservation and she was quite addament about canceling our cruise do to the Covid-19 pandemic we are all experiencing. She is also our classmate and had booked her reservation. As she mentioned, the cruise industry is going to be devastated by this and Clay and I did not want to put our classmates in the crosshairs of this issue at this time.

Lets all remember that as in a public forum, you try to stay away from issues like Sex, Politics or Religion. This is All of our classmates forum so lets try and keep those same norms.

Lets pivot to how are we all doing? Have any suggestions on how to make Shelter at Home more manageable and interesting? 

I personally am involved with a business group called The Alliance of Chief Executive in Sacramento and we have been holding our Monthly meetings on Zoom. My group has decided to do weekly check ins every Friday.  This allows everyone to stay in touch and bring up the latest situations on thier businesses and personal lives.

Staying in touch is critical for well being.

Stay in touch and be well.

04/01/20 12:53 PM #908    


Keith Anvick

Don't remember who spoke at our graduation, but I wish it could have been this guy...


04/02/20 09:33 AM #909    


Barbara Bell (Dwyer)

For those missing various groups or friends, Zoom is a great tool. We held our monthly book group using it. 

04/02/20 10:47 AM #910    


Modie (Martin) Katz

Keith, I just listen to the speech and it was, as you said, memorable and powerful. I would have not been a good canditate for the Seals.

Thanks for sharing. 

04/02/20 10:55 AM #911    


Modie (Martin) Katz

Barbara, as I said the Zoom application is a wonderful way to stay connected and it is FREE. Use it for up to 40 minutes and have less then 50 people in the group for free.  There are tips on how to use Zoom on the web and an easy "Get Started" video to help you with setting it up.

Have fun

04/05/20 10:48 AM #912    


Gary Hesse


I hope that everyone in our class has been and will be able to take the present situations as we have done in our own personal pasts!  Things in Pasadena are rather quite at present and Sierra Madre looks like a ghost town, with the exception that everyone has a dog (like me) and all are out walking - and many (most) have masks on; everyone is quite courteous and respectful of others.

I'm taking the time to continue my downsizing (of 2 houses) and being a bit constructive in finding places of most things where they can be used and/or appreciated by the recipients (though not going out and delivering at present).  Would anyone like to have my three PHS YEARBOOKS??? I have seldom looked through them and still have many good memories of our learning years.  I would prefer to have someone just pick them up, but if you are out of the LA area, just let me know and for about $10 I could UPS them to you after things settle down.

As a laugh, my eldest cousin called me from Atlanta and said that they had only 2 rolls of TP left and that there was none to be found around Atlanta!  Recalling that one semester history class in 12th grade, I told him that Sherman had begun his march to the sea in Atlanta and took it all with him!  He said that wasn't funny!

Be good, be safe, try to perform a random act of kindness every day! ....Gary

btw..I'm suddenly becoming deluged in the mail with cruise brochures!!!

04/05/20 02:25 PM #913    


Anne Hassell (Nelson)

Oh, Gary, you are definitely one of my favorite classmates. Thank you for all you do to make so many lives better. I love you for your tender heart.

06/27/20 06:39 PM #914    


Margo Feinstein (Connolly)

Hello, Classmates of 1968!

I hope that some of you will see this post on time to view these programs tonight, or to record them for future viewing:

Tonight  (Saturday, 6/27/20) on CNN there will be a four-part documentary focused on the memorable events from our graduation year, 1968.  The parts run from 7:00-11:00 pm Pacific time.

Wishing you and your loved ones good health during this difficult time.  Let's hope for the development of an accessible vaccine soon--


Margo Connolly (Feinstein)


06/28/20 08:35 AM #915    

Daniel Joseph

Yes and thanks.  I have taped it from past showings - interesting times.

06/28/20 09:40 AM #916    


Camay White (Arad-Tullis)

Thanks Margot for posting about the awesome program on CNN.  1968 was such a special year and am glad that about a third of our wonderful class are keeping in some kind of contact.  Hope we can still find more "mates".  Stay safe and well to all

06/29/20 07:07 AM #917    


Barbara Kaplan (Kraemer)

Also thanking you Margo for letting us know and keeping in touch. Janeen Hahn and I volunteered for Bobby Kennedy and were at the Ambassador the night he was shot. We were later interviewed by the FBI. It helps to look back from our perspective now to try to make sense of it all.

06/29/20 11:17 AM #918    


Barbara Stewart (Mogel)

Thank you for posting, Margo. Here in Maine it started at 10 PM so I'll have to find another way to watch it in total. I lasted to about LBJ's "I will not run..."

Be well and best wishes to all - Barbara Stewart Mogel

07/17/20 09:33 AM #919    


Miles Wagner

I seldom post messages and this one is the most difficult one.

My wife of 45 years, Elyse Sharon Wagner, passed away on July15, 2020 in Simi Valley, CA.  She had a 20 year battle with COPD.  Elyse stopped smoking 10 years ago when it became difficult to breath.  That gave us another ten years together. 
She entered into hospice care in May and I became her rimary care giver.  Nurses visited twice a week as did a home health aid. Her condition slowly deteriorated and two weeks ago we believe she had a small stroke that made speech difficult.  Last Friday night she had another small stroke that made talking harder.  Tuesdaynight she had a massive stroke and she passed Wednesday afternoon.  She was at peace, had no pain, and family was with her at home.  Thes were her wishes as she did not want to die in a hospital.  
She was not able to attend the 50th reunion but we really enjoyed the 45th.  She talked about it alot and insisted that I attend the 50th even though whe was not able to attend.

Services will be held at a later date when COVID19 has finally calmed down.Internment will be private.

Elyse was a 1972 graduate of Chatsworth High School.

This was the most difficult thing I have ever experienced buy I have 6 grand daughers I need to be there for.

I was blessed to have been with her as my partner in life and best friend. 

Say a prayer for her.  








07/18/20 08:59 AM #920    


Linda Wright (Lewis)

Dear Miles,  I am so so sorry for your loss -- you and Elyse had a wonderful marriage and memories to cherish. Sending you healing thoughts and prayers.  It is a sad time -- gather your family around you and know Elyse is still with you in your heart.



07/18/20 11:02 AM #921    


Patricia Frances Anthony Goff

Dear Miles,

Sincerest condolences for your deep loss, tho' condolences might not ease your pain.  Please know that your Bulldog buds gather round you for comfort.  Please stay "in touch" (at a safe distance) with your granddaughters.  Let them know they are your connection to your wife - their grandmother - and, when the pandemic is behind us, you will all be able to hug each other!

Frances (Patti) Goff

07/18/20 11:31 AM #922    


Modie (Martin) Katz


It is always hard to know what to say at times like this.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you and always know that your heart and mind will keep her safe and loved.

Thanks for reaching out to us and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you.


07/19/20 08:18 AM #923    

Barry Chisholm

Dear Miles,

Extremely sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Elyse.   It goes without saying I'm sending prayers your way.  I can't help but mention what an unselfish, loving, and caring gesture Elyse did when she encouraged you to attend the 50th reunion even though she could not attend.   It was wonderful to see you there and what a highlight it was to talk with you after 50 years.   I will long remember you as a friend and neighbor at PHS and in Sierra Madre.

Take care and may God bless and comfort you and yours.    Barry

08/04/20 05:28 PM #924    


Gary Hesse

I don't know if anyone is aware of the following, but I heard it from several of our classmates in Sierra Madre:

Barry Schwam passed away on June 7th.

I have no additional information but will always remember Barry foldly and be in amazement of his creativity and peacefulness.

Gary Hesse


... went through grades 4 through 12 with Barry!

08/05/20 01:02 PM #925    


Philip Denslow

I'll always remember what a treat it was at our last reunion when Barry went and got his Theremin and sat in with the band. Fun!

08/05/20 03:59 PM #926    

David Fair

Barry Schwam died from stomach cancer, one of the especially nasty ones that give few early warning signs.  It was already Stage 3 when Barry discovered it.  It's also one with poor recovery statistics.  Barry decided not to do chemo, which meant he went pretty quickly.

Barry has been a friend since 1st grade at Don Benito.  In fact, one of the few memories I still have that long ago is when Barry brought his dad for Show & Tell (rather than the typical goldfish or rabbit).  His dad was a mailman, and he came with his uniform and mail cart.  (Yeah, they walked in those days.)  Barry's dad made being a mailman sound pretty cool to this first grader!

Barry was the most creative person I have ever known.  He was fun just to be around.  He has over a 100 videos up on YouTube which you can find searching for "Barry Schwam" or his nickname "Schwump."  I recommend "Dualing Theramins"; you got a taste of that at the 50th reunion.  Also, "How to make steamed punk: recipe," which also stars his amazing wife and partner in crime, Lydia, as the Punk who gets steamed.  And of course, "The Great Hawaiian Punch" featuring Saul Glickman, Joan Bouvier, Randall Huth, and others filmed when we were still at PHS.

Barry was very active in the Sierra Madre Theater.  His "Scrooge" is (locally) legendary, but he was in many, many plays.  There is an active discussion now about getting a star with his name placed in the sidewalk in front of the theater.  I will miss him.  -- David Fair

08/06/20 10:51 AM #927    


Patricia Frances Anthony Goff

Dear David,

Thanks for the nice post re the Late Barry.  I'll check out his dueling Thermins; I hope there's a GoFundMe for a star on the walk in front of the theater.  I can't imagine Sierra Madre officials objecting.

Stay Safe,

Frances (Patti) Goff

08/06/20 04:37 PM #928    


Christopher Bragdon

Barry Schwam and the dueling thermamins:


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